Changing the Management Certificate on Symantec/Bluecoat ProxySG/ASG

I like the nice green lock which most browsers show up with when using a proper HTTPS config with a good certificate.

I like it so much that I have a trusted cert for all my lab devices. Once of which is a proxysg.

And it took me a good one hour to find the steps to assign a certificate to the proxysg management interface since for some reason it’s not in any of the documentation I looked into.

In the end I found the option just by manually looking at all the options in the GUI. The certificate import method to begin with is weird.

It doesn’t just accept the .pfx file but needs you to import .pem files and you must import the pvt key first.

Here’s the details:

  • Goto the config > SSL > keyrings > create
  • Name and import the private key first using the “pasting from clipboard” option
  • Apply the changes
  • Then click the pvt key and import the certificate for it again by using the “pasting from clipboard” option
  • Ref the screenshots below 😀
importing the keys

And once you have the keypair imported in the keyrings, the below screenshot shows you where you assign it to your management interface.

couldn’t find this anywhere. .

And with that just make sure you have the root certificate in your browser installed and you have nice green secured connection to the proxysg management.