The BIGIP Auto-Backup iApp and FTP 550 Filename Invalid Error

The detailed post title helps with google hits. 

This user created iApp works perfect to setup auto-backup on the BIGIP and you can save the gazillion dollars required to get a BIGIQ.

However, when using this with an FTP server a minor misunderstanding of how the directories work might waste you some time and effort. 

It goes like this.

iapp config
see the directory


When you give it the directory /ftpsrv in my example, you must only mention the root of the directory on your FTP server or else you will keep getting this below!

550 File Name invalid

notice the dir setting
notice the dir setting


Here’s how you add the directory in FileZilla for it to work. 


Filezilla config for BIGIP iApp
Filezilla config for BIGIP iApp

I have the folder ftpsrv inside C: and hence I must only add C: to the user on filezilla while assigning the directory. 

This is because the iApp sends the /ftpsrv along with the entire UCS file name as it’s already added in the iApp config as in the first pic of this post. See: 

BIGIP FTP backup iApp config
BIGIP FTP backup iApp config

This is the reason for those path errors. 

Kinda silly but it did a take a while to get this done and move with my life.

Hope it helps someone out there!