Unblocking Google earth on Fortigate and probably other firewalls

google earth fortigate

Google earth servers keep changing and you could be connecting to anyone which serves you the best.


At a client’s google earth would work fine but the street view would feature which should be as clear as standing on the road in some city would look all scrambled and jumbled up.


Their support forum here has a list of URLs to be allowed:
and some IPs: 

Instead of allowing each of them, you just have to check their Fortiguard rating and confirm which webfilter category they fall into. Most them are in the following.
Search engines
Content servers

I was stuck with the last one—content server. None of the URLs above actually fall into it and the street view was still jumbled up.

Then I decided to get the big guns out—Fortinet Debugger. I could sense the errors already shaking in their boots.
diag debug enable
diagnose debug urlfilter src-addr <Your LAN PC IP here>
diag debug flow show console enable
diag debug flow trace start 100 (the no. of lines you want to be traced)


then stop and reset the debugging:
diag debug reset
diag debug disable

You will see the destination URL in the log and then again check the Fortiguard category or just allow the URL.